About us

Construction Excellence Co. (CONEX) was established the year 1999 as a 100% Saudi national, medium sized establishment, worked on several construction projects along with trading services as well. By 2008 CONEX started to pay more attention on concrete and steel structures protective coatings and waterproofing.
Now with more than 20 years in this field CONEX is considered one of the leading specialized contracting companies in Saudi Arabia. With more than 400 employees, CONEX activities are widely spread across the region in both governmental and private sector projects. CONEX now is considered one of the leading providers of high-quality specialized construction service in KSA.
CONEX is continuously attracting field pioneers to improve and maintain ongoing success with three main branches to cover all Saudi Arabia regions at
Al-Khobar (head office), Jeddah & Riyadh. CONEX have built a strong list of served clients include Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SASREF, SWCC, (NWC) National Water Company, (RC) Royal Commission, SEC, and many other known organizations.
CONEX is planning to expand the business within gulf countries with more regional offices in Bahrain, Kuwait & Oman.


CONEX passionately believes that what we aspire to, how we operate and the way in which we behave has clear implications for our business performance and our success. Realizing our vision, achieving our mission and delivering our values are the continuous goals of everyone who works at our company.


Our commitment with the clients is the code that maintain our position to the top.
We believe that transparency is essential, in every aspect of our business. Also, we are open to new ideas and new cultures.
We keep nurturing our clients to maximize their satisfaction and loyalty.
We continuously strive to exceed expectations as a habit to achieve the best possible results. X to irresponsibility We keep our environment with positive energy. No room for any unethical or irresponsible behaviours.


Our mission is to assure delivery ofour client's projects' on time withthe maximum professionalism andthe finest quality.


Our Vision is to be the most preferred and trusted provider of special contracting services in Saudi Arabia.