The development boom that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing nowadays in various sectors and projects, whether industrial, commercial, or real estate, governmental or private, has become a major source of national income, and plays an important role in the growth of the na- tional economy and improving the living standards for members of society. Contracting and specialized services companies play an important role for the success of these projects and for
efficient operation that ensures the stability and growth of the income to match with 2030 Vision.
We in CONEX acknowledge the importance of these projects and commit towards its success and always strive to maintain our position at the forefront of these companies and keep pace with the fast pace that the Kingdom's 2030 Vision is heading towards, away from traditional sources of income.

In CONEX, over more than 20 years, our work was not limited only to participation in construction or industrial projects through its various stages of planning, designing and execution, but our relationship with the facilities and clients extends beyond that by providing maintenance services and continuous technical support using the best technology and high-quality materials that guarantees our customers’ satisfaction and achieves the highest levels of quality and efficiency.
We always strive to provide the best level of services and technical support, and for that, we spare no effort in attracting national and non-national engineers and highly qualified work teams, and we are always working to increase and develop equipment and business technology to ensure that the confidence and appreciation of our customers are preserved.
Mr. Saad Al-Qarni

Industrial Decorative Flooring

CONEX offers a high-quality wide range of services for the scope of industrial flooring systems.
CONEX is considered a market leader in this scope with an experinced manpower and a long list of completed projects with known clients. On the other hand, epoxy terrazzo flooring systems started to spread as a luxurous flooring option for some clients.

who are looking for decorative flooring with customized colouring and special designs. 

Our Services

Water Roofing

Bitumen, TPO, PVC, EBDM, HDPE Liquid applied membranes

Cementitious waterproofing  

Concrete Repair

Cracks Repair & Injection

Grouting & Anchoring

Structural Reinforcement

Floor Levelling & Topping

Cathodic Protection

Protective coating

Concrete and Steel Protection

Chemicals Resistant Coatings

Polyurea Technology

Anti-Chloride & Carbonation Coatings